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The day is finally here!!! We’re BEYOND excited to share the first episode of our new show #OnTheFlip with y’all…it’s been such a wild ride. What better place to kick this party off than with THE CHURCH HOUSE. We started working on this project 500 years ago (lol, ok over a year ago) and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done because this time around because…we flipped a house for a client! Yep guys, we have clients now…hah, ok we have one client but still, we’re super excited to be sharing what we’ve learned with other people that are interested in home renovation and real estate.

Also, uh hello, did we mention that this house used to be part of a church??? Not kidding guys. The home  was really well taken care of, almost all original, but it was definitely not inhabitable and that’s why were able to help our client get this house. As per the usual no one else wanted it and since our goal is to improve the communities we work in for the people that already live there, it was a perfect opportunity!!! Not gonna lie, I was very skeptical about this house but it turned out so GORG!!!! What do you guys think??? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

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