5 Products You Should Steal From Your Boyfriend

Full disclosure, I don’t actually currently have a boyfriend, but if I did, I would totes be stealing this stuff from his bathroom. (In the meantime, I should probably apologize to my brother…sorry if anything’s ‘gone missing’ homie).

Also, my primary goal is to have skin that makes me look like I’m always on vacay. (Photo cred: Courtney Dellafiora // Andronis Luxury Suites, Greece) 



1. Evolution Man Eye Gel: I could not be more obsessed with this new brand – it looks cool and it is cool. I had the chance to meet the designer, Marco Berardini, a celeb groomer, who is sharing his ability to make Hollywood’s finest red-carpet-ready with all of us. The products speak for themselves, and what I love about the eye gel is that it has the same ingridients as so many other products on the market for women but at way less the cost. Note to self: eye gel isn’t an optional product…it’s a necessity!

eye gel


2. Old Spice body Wash: if you follow my blog, you already know I’m OBSESSED with anything Old Spice. I don’t know why except I love the smell. Body wash is the easiest to get away with using because the man-scent fades by the time you have to make real human contact.



3. La Mer Face Wash: On the real, this shiz is pricey, but it’s like golden magic and it lives up to all the hype. Do you want to look like JLo? Then bite the bullet and use this stuff.



4. VO5 Matte Pomade: Want that perfect pony without looking like you slicked your hair with grease? Are fly-aways ruining your life? Do you look like you got electricuted when you wake up in the morning? I answer YES to all of those questions. So, I also say yes to this awesome-sauce drugstore pomade. NOTE: a little goes a long way.



5. Murad Moisturizer: See the La Mer description above and copy that PLUS factor in some spf. Evidence that dudes can be okay having great skin, too.


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