Airport Parking Travel Tip

Sometimes I feel like the airport is my home away from home, which is odd because I haven’t been traveling nearly as much as I was a few years ago when I was literally on at least one flight every week.

That said, I’ve made every mistake and learned most of the tricks, when it comes to flying frequently.I’m almost always running late to the airport, and parking is an on-going dilemma. I prefer Lot C at LAX, but when I’m behind on time, I have to park in what I like to call the “highway robbery” lot which is WAY over-priced.

Regardless of where you choose to park though, you must always do this: take a photo of where you park. That way, when you arrive home, you can quickly reference your phone and find your car quickly. It seems silly, but believe me, after you (cough cough me) have looked for your car for an hour in airport parking, you’ll wish you’d taken this easy step!



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