Big Bear Lake: To Grandmother’s House We Go!

To grandmother’s (and grandfather’s) house we went! Over the weekend, my entire immediate fam (mom, dad, bro, sis) and I headed up to Big Bear Lake to visit my grandparents. Big Bear Lake is a resort town a few hours outside of LA, and really the only good place to ski/snowboard during the winter that’s within close driving distance. My grandparents retired in BBL almost 15 years ago. That said, I’ve been there many times more than the average person and for that reason, I know that I really take the town’s beauty for granted. During my last 24-hour visit though, I really took a beat to remind myself how beautiful it is by doing some nature appreciation and I vowed to return very soon.

My grandparents have a beautiful garden, and I have so many fond memories hanging out with them in their yard just enjoying the outdoors. They really are the best people on the planet! Here are a few photos I took in my grams’ and gramps’ front yard – ENJOY!

PS: The reason that I was actually in Big Bear Lake deserves a posting all its own…coming soon.




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