Bonsoir & Cheerio: Work Fun Euro-Style

About a month or so ago, I had the incredible opportunity to go to Europe to travel and work with the amazingly talented Courtney Dellafiora. I met Miss C in Paris, France last year (here are a few of those pictures), where I told her that I immediately had a “friend crush” on her!  You know that feeling when you meet someone and you instantly want to hang out and be bff’s?!?!? Yes, I know, I’m a lunatic, but back to my trip.

We met up in Paris, France where we ate goat cheese and Principe cookies (the way to my heart in case you were wondering), visited Versailles, and admired those ridiculously cute French men (what’s in the water over there…they all look like Ralph Lauren models). Then we chunnelled-it via the Eurostar (totally fab by the way) to the UK. That’s where we did the bulk of our “work” (it never feels like work when you’re cracking up the whole time), as we drove from London and ended up in Edinburgh, Scotland. I know that my words won’t do this trip justice, so I won’t even try…

Since a picture REALLY does say a thousand words, I let them do the talking. Side note: I personally find it hilarious how you can totally tell which of these pictures were snapped by the professional photog and which of them were taken by moi.

Also want to give a big-time shout out to Ali who came along for the crazy-fun ride. Thanks Al for keeping us “in the know” on all things historical, and for your vast knowledge of Irish boys (yes, they are quite entrancing). I love you ladies! Until next time, Bonsoir, Mind the Gap and God Save the Queen!

PS: There is a fun video coming soon…

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    A shoutout from Scotland (few days before my Bday hihi 23rd way excited) Anyway,
    the shoots are beautiful really!! and you’re Bonsoir is nearly perfect 😉
    Apparently you had so much fun. But sorry the French guys are all not like that Lol!
    Edinburgh is an amazing city. I’ve been there 4 times and really enjoyed it. The old part is gr8 and some place where you can drink Hot chocolate are so delicious.
    London is well, London it’s amazing!
    Anyway hope you could be able to come back and maybe this time we could meet up 😉
    Cheers (Scottish word for a lot thing including thx…)

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  3. Love all the pictures. You look amazing. I’m so proud of you lady! Perfection! xo

  4. Joslyn says:

    Aw, thanks Melissa!!!! I miss you:) Next time you’re in LA we have to hang! ox

  5. Joslyn says:

    Scotland was so amazing – I wish I could’ve stayed longer:)

  6. chrisMusic88 says:

    Yeah Scotland is amazing. If you have any chance to come back, just told me I would be more than please to make you visit it ;)! I’m in Aberdeen (North East of Scotland and it’s gr8)

  7. Awww you are too sweet to me!! I have a total crush on you too Jos!!! I had SO much fun with you and Al on this trip. I will never ever forget it for the rest of my life. 🙂 Thanks for being so wonderful!! PS… that video is coming soon I swear. It’s just such a huge project cause I have so many videos to piece together! haha! But I WILL have it soon!! xoxo

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