Boo Yeah – No Carve Pumpkin for Halloween


Let’s just put it out there. I’m way too clumsy to have any business actually carving a pumpkin with any sort of sharp object. Yes, I’m apparently an adult woman, but I know my limits…and I like having all of my fingers.


That said, I still like feeling festive. So, this year, I decided to dress up my pumpkins in a cute (and safe) way. First up, Monseigneur Pumpkin. Yep, I put a hat and a mustachio on my pumpkin. He’s french. Deal with it. For my baby pumpkins, I just added some fun stickers to spread the BOO YEAH cheer. Maybe I’ll turn these into pumpkin pies (people who know me are actually laughing at this point…that’s never happening).




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