Brahmin Atelier Dinner Party – Heirlooms of Past & Future

A few weeks back I attended a work event for a brand that I highly recommend everyone become familiar with ASAP – Brahmin Atelier. Brahmin very graciously invited a group of LA press to enjoy a lovely, intimate, and might I say yummy dinner at Bagatelle in West Hollywood. I won’t lie, many times these events really feel like, well, they just feel like work. This event, thanks to the incredible team at Brahmin, felt more like a group of friends sitting down for a great dinner to toast something very special.

The whole Brahmin collection was AMAZING!

Dana & I enjoyed our new accessories!

Bagatelle’s menu was so yummy!

The introduction of the Brahmin collection was, for me, very memorable, due largly in part to a speech given at the dinner by an executive from the brand, who posed an interesting question: what are the heirlooms you are collecting now that you will pass on to your daughters, granddaughters, etc? In a world where trends change at the drop of a hat, are you making an effort to collect classy pieces that will stand the test of time. 
This really spoke to me, as heirlooms, particularly ones that can be worn, are very important to me. I was very inspired by this call to action, and beyond excited to be gifted one of the Atelier collection’s most gorgeous bags at the end of what was a great evening. Plus, may I add that having a group of super cute male servers bring out the bags on trays, while carrying sparkling fireworks, wasn’t a bad idea either…loved it!
Boys + Purses + Fireworks = SUCCESS!
The following week, I made good on my new-found commitment to heirlooms past and future by wearing one of my grandmother’s dresses from the 1960’s to an event with my dad. I also mixed and matched costume jewelry from my own collection with jewelry from two of my grandmothers. And what did I finish off my look with? My brand new Brahmin Atelier Brookline clutch, and item that I hope will be heirloom of the future!
My Dad & I (me in my grandma’s dress).

 My soon-to-be Brahmin Atelier heirloom.

To take a look at the exquisite Brahmin Atelier collection click HERE.
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