Bungee Jumping – Challenge Accepted!


Bungee Jumping is literally my biggest fear; something I had zero interest in EVER DOING. EVER. Because, why? It’s basically like jumping to your death.

Thanks to this new challenge I’m taking on though, (#AmazingErinJoslyn), Erin and I faced our fears with Bungee America. We hiked about 5 miles to the Bridge to Nowhere, jumped off said bridge and then hiked back.

It was terrifying but awesome! I still can’t believe I faced this fear. Training for the Amazing Race was a perfect excuse to try something new and get totally out of our comfort zones.



Also, Erin totally wins at life for jumping in a Banana Suit. Check out more pictures below!


Feeling adventurous? Learn more about Bungee America here!


And make sure to follow my AMAZING teammate Erin! All her links below!




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