Cheer Team Photo Flasback

With all the talk about prom these days (and our subsequent coverage of course on ClevverTV) I decided to take a little walk down memory lane and look at some of my old photos. Last spring, I did do a post on my own prom (check that our here), so this time around I thought I’d do something different. I found hundreds, actually thousands of photos from my high school cheer days. My parents always basically forbade me from being a flyer (aka the girl that’s tossed into the air), but me being such the rebel just did it anyways. You can see my friend Rocky as one of the bases below me – so funny I just remember my dad acting as if he was mad because Rocky was looking up my skirt…but, hello it was his job. Ha! Side note: I’m starting to wonder why more guys don’t try out for cheer… I am also obsessed with the photo of one of my besties to this day and I, Melissa. I think we were actually napping after cheer try outs one year. Great memories. Feels like a thousand years ago!



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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    ahah my comment did not get posted so start again. So yeah Old school memories. they’re so precious. Sometimes this define some of the best life moments. Cheerleading is quite impressive we don’t really have this in France but it’s very impressive and there have this coolness and big respect in the US. You look Adorable in your uniform ^^ Lol suites you perfectly 😉 Flyer are the one I admire the most always very impressive to watch their moves always like “Whooo”. and seriously you and your friend sleepin ahah cuteness 😉

    Have great WE lady

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