Clarisonic Mia: Top Beauty Must-have

My mom has never been a shopping addict, and while she’s a beautiful woman, she is anything but vain. I am so grateful for the example of beauty my mom was and continues to be, showing me by example what beauty looks like. Looking back, I see the sacrifices she made while I was growing up, so that my siblings and I would have more. However, I always remember that the one thing my mom never scrimped on was her skin. She always splurged on a plethora of products, wore sunscreen and took care of her skin. After all, you really only have once chance to get it right…for the most part.

With this mushy, yet true, antidote in mind, I thought I’d share my own regimen. I’ve been wearing moisturizer with sunscreen since high school and I think I’m already seeing benefits. Aside from protection from skin cancer, you’ll decrease those pesky wrinkles. Nowadays, because I wear so much makeup for work, I really try to take care of my skin even more vigorously. I’m still learning, but I say, regardkess of how much you do or don’t have to spend, my favorite cleanser is still Cetaphil, which is sold at practically every drug store out there. For a daily moisturizer on a budget go for Oil of Olay with SPF. I also think Olay has some great eye creams.

If you can spend a little more, I say go for anything and everything Dermologica. Nearly all of my favorite products are from the brand’s active moist line. It’s very mild on the skin and really leaves you glowing. I also love their hydrating mask, which I try to apply a few days a week.

Lastly, my absolute must-have is the Clarisonic Mia. This small pulsating brush has completely transformed my skin, and even after using it for a few years, it still makes me feel like I’m in a day spa every time I use it.

So, here’s the general sentiment: next time you’re going back and forth between buying a new trendy dress or stocking up on some new facial products, go for the later. I promise, your future self will thank you.

FYI: I buy all of these items on amazon.com and they’re shipped in no time! And I’m not a walking commercial (I swear), I really love this stuff!


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