Coachella Style Must-Haves 2013

Oh Coachella…the festival where fashion is at times supremely more important than music (not my opinion, just a simple fact). This weekend marks what will be the first of two epic weekends in the desert, and what will surely be two weekends packed with more boho chic, hippie inspired style than all other weekends throughout the entire remainder of the year combined.
And you know what, I looooooove it. Yes, I’m a huge music fan, but to be honest, I’m dying to see what unique, trend-setting looks people sport at Coachella. The style at the festival really does set the trends for the rest of summer.
So grab your cut-offs, crop tops, and crochet’d anything, because here are just a sampling of some of my favorite, must-have items for Coachella! And hey, if you’re like me and you can’t make it to Coachella (I know, sad face), you can still rock some style that says otherwise.


Nail Art – A huge trend overall. I’m looking forward to seeing the spring trends at Coachella.

LOVE these nail NCLA nail wraps – print + gold leaf!

Prints & Fringe FOR DAYS – Love these pieces from Element Eden.

Style For Your Toesies – Put some style under your booties or chucks with Stance!

SpiritHoods – no need to say more! A must-have for Coachella.

Sunscreen – LOVE this skin saver from Epicuren.

Pop Of Color – Coloud makes the MOST amazing, colorful earphones. How awesome, right?

Stay Charged – keep your phone going all weekend long with the trendiest, self-charging cell phone covers from BOOSTCASE!

Gal Pals!

Dress By Element Eden (I’ll be wearing this while I work instead of rock out at Coachella – not too shabby)

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