ComicCon, Vampires and More – What You Didn’t See…

Since I’m a self-proclaimed nerd, I find it odd that I’ve never been to Comic Con. I’ve been to E3 at least 5 times, but never Comic Con…UNTIL THIS YEAR! Well, sort of until this year. I was invited to cover the Wired Cafe (you know Wired Magazine -it’s their shindig), which was held at the uber- luxurious Omni Hotel across the street from the actual convention, and it was crazy-amazing! That said, I suppose it makes sense that I never made it beyond the plush lounge atop the 6th floor of the Omni…and believe me when I proclaim that if you were me, you would’ve done the exact same thing. Why? Well let me fill you in on what you didn’t see if you watched my coverage. Here’s the quick run-down of events as they happened.

1. Upon 5 seconds of entering the Wired Cafe, I looked up from my ferocious black-berry typing to see, oh you know, no biggie…JUST THE HOTTEST VAMPIRE COUPLE EVER! Standing literally inches from me was Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. You might have seen them on this little HBO hit show called True Blood…yeah, insane.  The walked into the party for approximately 5 minutes, made the rounds, looked generally fabulous, and then they jetted out before I really even knew what was going on. WOW! Oh and did I mention that Anna is basically a total rock star? Because she is.

2. After getting over the initial shock of that wildness, I had the most pleasant surprise of running into my friend, STREAMY Award winner, and all-around-Internet super-star, Bernie Su. Long story short, Bernie was probably the biggest celeb at the lounge, because I truly believe that every single person there knew him. So much fun catching up with an old pal! Plus, he takes awesome pictures and is letting me post a bunch right here (thanks Man).

3. Vampires must have some sort of sixth sense because after the True-Blooders showed up, I quickly spied two guys from one of my fav shows, The Vampire Diaries, Steven R. McQueen and Michael Trevino. They both happened to be rockin’ cool hats, which I loved, but most importantly they were so, so, so incredibly nice. I just love it when people you like on TV turn out to be swell in the real world too!  Sometime when celebs are approached for interviews, they don’t seem all that enthused, but not these two! No entourages, no handlers, no egos. Just smiles and grace. I have a feeling, Michael and Steven have lots to look forward to in the future. Oh and you can check out the interviews over on ClevverTV 🙂

4. Fast-forward a few hours and lots of vampire celeb sightings later, and I decided it was time to take the plunge. I had world-renowned body painter, Derrick Little, do the honors of biting me. OK, not really. He painted bite marks on me.  I LOVED IT! Not only did it look cool, but you should’ve seen the looks I got from people when I was walking back to my car and eating dinner with my friends. Priceless. Of course I had to freak people out a bit and order my dinner without garlic…

5. By this time it was getting late, and I still wanted to check out the rest of the lounge. P.S.: Did I mention that lounges like this one are basically closed parties where celebs go to get away from the mayhem of the convention? Well now you know. The outdoor section of the cafe (btw the word cafe doesn’t do it justice), was vamped up to look like a recreate of Merlotte’s Bar from True Blood – even the cocktail waitresses were Sookie-A-Likes! So I headed outside to check things out, play Nintendo’s new incarnation Dragon Quest, have a personalized Alternative Apparel shirt silk-screened, and eat about 5 bags of pop chips…it was the life!

So that’s what really happened at Comic Con for me. I was having so much fun at the Wired Lounge, that I never even made it into the actual convention. But, it wasn’t a total fail…perhaps next year I’ll make the leap…or at the very least cross the street!

Here are some pics of Bernie and me, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer and the cool bar! Oh and my rad body paint!

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