Dana Ward Hosts LG Text Championships

Hey hey friends! I’m so excited to announce my first ever guest blogger, and who better to have kick things off than the one and only Dana Ward? Dana is busy at work in New York City, hosting the LG Texting Championships, which is a HUGE deal and I’m so excited for her. Now go ahead and check out why you might want to start practicing your texting skills right now for next year…seriously thousands of dollars up for grabs!

Also this big event is LIVE TODAY at 1PM EASTERN – don’t miss it! Click this link for the livestream. Make sure to follow Dana on twitter for the inside scoop.

From Dana Ward (here’s a picture in case you haven’t seen us together on ClevverTV):

OMG – I found out that all of your amazing texting skills CAN actually pay off.  In fact, if you’re a fast and furious texter, LG might just shell out $100k to you.  Crazy, huh?  Well, I figured all of this out while working as the host of the 2010 LG National Texting Championship.  It’s a 2-day competition with young players from all over the USA… Seriously, the challenges are nerve-wrecking, action-packed and absolutely taxing… even though it’s just texting!  I’m so happy to be a part of this year’s festivities – I’ve even had the chance to channel my inner Ryan Seacrest for the live competition show – and I hope you can all check it out: The final rounds of the LG US Texting Championship go live on Facebook and Livestream on Tuesday, September 21st… I don’t have the specifics right this second, but I’ll be sure to fill ya in via Twitter asap. Plus, we’ll have some clips to share in the near future.  As for now, my advice to all of you is to start texting away. Be fast, be accurate and be sure to enter the LG National Texting Championship in 2011.  Not only might you win some serious prize moolah if you qualify for the championship, but you’ll actually get to head out to New York City for the competition!  K, G2G, my BFFs. XOXO.  🙂

Here’s a great picture from behind the scenes.

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3 Responses to “Dana Ward Hosts LG Text Championships”

  1. jmac1404 says:

    Nice Blog Joslyn and nice pics Dana

  2. Joslyn says:

    Jesse! thanks for checking out the blog:) xoJos

  3. Gabriela (gabilovely) says:

    How cool! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that contest before, they should have one for fastest computer typer that doesn’t even look at the keyboard! heheh…

    My days of chatting away with friends on the web would come in hand!
    But I guess people in the US text more ’cause it’s free or something…

    Very interesting blog Joslyn! And congratulations Dana for getting to host the show!!

    Hopefully you’ll host it again next year! I wish I had seen the finale, but I didn’t get to read this blog in time… oh well… I’m looking forward to the clips!!
    ttyl!! Love ya!

    (I wrote an invalid code the first time I sent this comment and when I came to send it again it had said that I had already made that comment, so I’m just adding this so it look different…hehe)

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