David Beckam Bends It & Upclose Soccer Stretching!

Over the weekend, I had the glorious pleasure of attending a LA Galaxy soccer game. As most of you likely know, I’m not what you’d probably refer to as a sports aficionado. In fact, I think the only times my name has been mentioned in the same sentence as the word “sport” must have centered upon my love of or disregard for a team’s costumes (ie: uniforms). So, you get the point here.

That said, I LOVE attending live sporting events, if not for anything else than the sheer energy and mass hysteria. When my friend Vy from PCD asked me to tag along to a game over the weekend, I was totally down. This was only the second game I’ve ever been to, and the first in America. The last game I went to was in Madrid, and guess what?!? David Beckam was on the team. Would you believe it – David Beckam is now on the LA Galaxy…so basically, my soccer/futbol prerequisite is that David B. must on the team or I just won’t go.

We had crazy amaze-balls seats and a PERFECT view of the game – the players were practically sweating on us. It was awesome! Oddly, Vy and I had some trouble (cough cough) focusing on the game because the team from Dallas just kept insisting on stretching like full-on contortionists right in front of us. Didn’t they know we were trying to watch the game?!? I mean, seriously…

Obviously, I documented every single laugh-inducing stretch.

You can totally thank me for these morsels of soccer glory in the comments section. Oh, and FYI the teams tied – YAY!

David Beckam doing his thang – PHOTOS!

Soccer stretching 101. So distracting…


Lastly, I have to give a shout-out to this guy who was sitting next to us. If the Galaxy hadn’t tied the game, I think he might have started to openly weep. We were very happy for him and his daughter was adorable!




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