Dear Planking, I Just Can’t Quit You

Per usual, I’ve become obsessed with something that makes zero sense, probably makes me look like I’ve lost my mind completely, and has utterly no affect on the world, unless you take into consideration that it makes most people react in one of two ways. Either they’re filled with confusion or they just laugh. I choose to believe the latter, because that’s how I feel. Planking is a craze that I started noticing a few weeks ago and ever since, I’ve somehow enlisted almost everyone I know to “plank” at one time or another.

Here I am planking on my chair:

Planking in the studio:

Trying a vertical plank on Sunset and Vine (too gross to lay down):

Lastly, planking alongside ErnieD and Jake while they were showing me around Radio Disney, because that’s appropriate and professional right?

CLICK HERE to watch the video of an Australian man PLANKING during a live news cast – SO FUNNY! Yes, this is what first sparked by planking interest. Let me know if you’re as fascinated by this new international craze as I am, or feel free to tell me I’m totally insane.

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