Deets From Yesterday’s Post

Here’s the basic gist in regards to yesterday’s post…APRIL FOOL’S! I know, so ridiculous right??? I just couldn’t help myself though. I did a really fun shoot last month with an amazing photographer in Northern California named Denise Birdsong-Zavala, and I thought “How fun would it be to convince my entire family that I just got married?” Even my Dad texted me yesterday about the post; alas, he didn’t fall for it, but it was fun nonetheless.

Also, gotta throw a shout-out to Wesley Eaton, who let me pretend to marry him for one day – THANKS WES!!! We did a shoot together a while back for The Denim Guy – here’s one of my favorites:

Now I have to start planning my prank for next year…any ideas?

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  1. Lizet says:

    days later I’m seeing this and it didn’t dawn on me the date of the previous entry. I said to myself, “whut?!” and went to your facebook to see if there were other pictures.

    good one!

  2. Joslyn says:

    haha – funny!

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