Ear Cuffs & Ear Jackets: GTD (Get The Details)

Guys, I have a problem. Nothing new. I can’t stop with this accessory obsession. Not to worry, I have not purchased a single thing, but when it comes to this whole ear jacket/ear cuff thing, I just can’t deal.

This earring accessory trend is BY FAR my favorite thing going on at the moment. It’s simple, easy and there are ton of affordable options. Plus, what’s even better is that you can constantly mix and match because it’s really only appropriate to wear an ear cuff on one ear at a time. That said, you can leave your other ear naked (OMG) or mix it up with a small stud or tiny hoop or somethin’!

So, you ask – “An ear jacket is a real thing?” OR “What’s an ear cuff?” OR perhaps you’re just saying “Who cares?” I DO.  

This is an ear cuff. It’s giant. It’s from Forever21 and this is only appropriate when you’re trying to be super over the top. (NOTE: I obviously take the over the top thing very seriously)

This is an ear jacket (from Lulus FYI). It’s like a cute, cozy, under-the-radar sweater for your ear lobe. These are appropriate…always

Ear Jacket from Jemma Wynne NYC

Ear Jacket from Jemma Wynne NYC

Ear Cuff from Nissa 

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