Glee Goes 3D – Is This Legal?

Yes, I get it, asking whether or not Glee entering the third dimension is legal may be ever-so-slightly melodramatic…but, I kinda don’t care! First off, I LOVE Glee. Second, and even more fascinating is the fact that this is probably the most HAPPY premiere I’ve ever been to. No joke, I swear I almost shed a tear of joy. The fans that lined the streets of Westwood were freaking out with excitement, completely decked out in their Glee-attire (there were even some beret wearing bully-whips there), and if was clear that the actors and actresses were almost overwhelmed by the response. I actually told my co-host Dana Ward that I think heaven could be a bit like my Glee experience.  We chatted with almost the entire cast and ran into Cory Monteith (literally) on the carpet. Love him. Here are few photos to sum up the awesomeness of the “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” Premiere. No joke, the amount of fun I had should be illegal.

photo credit: Kimber Hamill (gracias)

Here’s our awesome-sauce segment – Let me know if you’re smiling like a weirdo at the end:)

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PS: I have to add that both Dana and I are wearing jewelry from Nissa – in the words of Rachel Zoe – “I die” for this stuff. You must check it out – original, fashionable and made of recycled materials. Love it.

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