GLEE-king Out!

Just a few days ago, one of my dreams came true! My sister, who, for the record, is the, got me two tickets to see Glee Live in LA! I’ve been so busy working, that I hadn’t really had much time to get super excited about the concert…but when New Directions hit that glowing stage, I seriously almost shed a tear. Yes, me, who can’t cry even when she wants to almost cried a tear. I already totally nerd out over the show every single week, but the fantastic energy throughout the crowd and the awesome performances, well they just put me over the top. Long story short, evidently I’m cheesier than I initially thought.

The show was even better than I anticipated. All of the actors and actresses are absolutely amazing, and their performances were even better live than on the show – NO JOKE! I think I have a three-way crush on Puck, Finn and Kurt…is that so wrong?

Thanks to my sis for an unforgettable gift. Now I must start my season finale countdown!

PS: We took this fun picture at a cool kiosk in the lobby.

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