Goodbye Planking, HELLO Owling!

“Planking is soooooo two weeks ago.” Those are the words I uttered to my brother and sister following sending out a twitipic of Dana Ward, Bridget Daly and myself “owling” at ClevverTV, to which my siblings looked at me like they always do – with a look that screams “Joslyn, you are the weirdest person we know.” So, imagine their surprise when I returned to them the following day with news that a lovely producer named Courtney from GOOD MORNING AMERICA emailed me saying they loved my picture and wanted to use it in a news segment across all ABC platforms???? Well, my brother shook my hand (this is huge for him btw). This is where the insanity started. Last Friday, my owling photo, and the accompanying news segment were featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, the homepage of Yahoo.com AND Perezhilton.com. Dreams come true people, but never in the way you imagine. I’ve been dreaming of being on GMA for most of my life…and now I (sort of) have been!

Here’s the picture that kicked off this whole insanity:

Here’s the screenshot from yahoo.com’ s homepage :

And here is my top career achievement thus far – placement on GMA – owling.

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4 Responses to “Goodbye Planking, HELLO Owling!”

  1. Richard Winterton says:

    your picks of owling was a hoot. love your tweets. tell dana, unlike the cast of victorious, orange isn’t her best color (remind her to pay her ticket). have a great evening.

  2. Joslyn says:

    thanks!!!! will do!

  3. Jade Evans says:

    you have got me and all of my friends doing this now 😉 we love it!!! so much better than planking 😀 it was so 2 weeks ago ;D xx

  4. Joslyn says:

    haha – well I’m still addicted to owling too! LOVE IT!

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