GT, GT With Zang Radio Crew

I’m guessing that maybe, just maybe, you’re wondering what GT means. Well, since I’m so ridiculously busy these days, I can no longer be bothered to speak in complete words. It’s just so passe…haha! Really though, I love to throw out the GT on occasion, which means, good times! So, yes, I did have good times with the Zang Radio crew. I’m in New York for a brief trip and I’m so glad that Zach let me come by and hang out on his show, which I have to say is in the most amaze-balls location ever. He is kind of a big deal – his studio has an insane view of the entire Manhattan sky-line. Plus, Zach is a super-nice, talented dude. The icing on the radio cake was that I also got to chill with HeffCraig and a whole bunch of other peeps who were chilling in his Goom Radio studio (BTW: whilst I was there, there were two full-on camera crews doing two different stories on him. This is confirmation that, yes, he’s a big deal). Zach’s show is hilarious, and the people who called in were super fun. Plus we did a singing contest live on the air, and yours truly got to be the judge. If you’re not listening to Zang Radio yet, then I think you might have serious problems…ok, that’s a bit extreme, but seriously, check out the show – you’ll get obsessed too! Here a few pics from our GT, GT (love my abbreves). Also, gotta throw a shout-out to the KLAM-TASTIC Klammy who is pictured here too – thanks for watching ClevverTV.

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  2. klam says:

    this is <3 I'm so glad i met you! you're great and im adding amaze-balls tp my vocabulary 🙂

  3. Joslyn says:

    KLAMMMMMM – I’m so glad you saw this – I didn’t know how to tag you in the post:) So fun meeting you too – you’re super amazeball cool!

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