HALLOW-Winners OR Losers?

Per usual I have no clue what or who to dress up as for Halloween. Most of the time I’m pretty sure my costume ranks in the Hallow-Loser category! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll dress up normally, but this year I need help. Please comment here or tweet me with a fun idea!

Here are a few ridiculous Halloween photos from recent years.

Okay, this is just straight up weird, right?

I am obsessed with this photo mostly because of the guy on the left – love his costume and his super creepy contacts – ahhh! FYI – I was a Ghostbuster at this party, which was way too fun!This was totally the easy way out. Wear a mask and your done. Yeah, loser-ville, I know.

Fascinating…I don’t care to get this serious about my costume, but I mean, I gotta give this individual some props nonetheless…

Obviously, I need some major help. So, if you have an idea, hit the comments section OR tweet me up!

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2 Responses to “HALLOW-Winners OR Losers?”

  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    aha you’re already on for the Halloween spirit!!! ahaha I think you got to stand out.. take smthg scary and turn it to make it so ridiculous… I choose a ghost myself but I think it’s gonna be the coolest ghost ever!! ^^gonna show you a pic soon :p
    btw the blonde wig is JB look alike :p I remember this one very well


  2. Joslyn says:

    oh fun! share pics of your costume when you’re done – I want to see!! oxox

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