Halloween Photo Album 2011

What happens when you realize you have literally 3 minutes to find a costume for work? Not exactly what you’d think. I was so impressed by what my pals at ClevverTV came up with yesterday. Take a look and enjoy! FYI – I’ll be adding more photos in a friends-only post, so send me your pics if you want to be included!

Queen of Sleaze – Ke-Dollar Sign-ah (aka Bridget Daly)

Tink (Tatiana Carrier)

Some sort of cute video-game-world princess. Love this! (Andrea Rene)

No biggie, that’s just Rambo and Chad from Nickelback editing some vids. (Cannot handle this photo FYI)

Peace, Love, and ClevverTV. (D-Dub aka Dana Ward)

The whole crazy crew (girls only) including Jenn and Michelle Marie.

One more of Tats, because this is just too ridiculous to not share. I mean, look at the tule…really?!!?

And to wrap things up, one more photo of Chad of Nickelback. I have no words.

Here’s the “Insiders ONLY” Tour from the studio yesterday. If you are scared of clowns, you may not want to watch.

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    ahaha so so awesome costumes…. some are really cool… the tule for Tink is like the coolest … Dana in all Peace & Love so well … Cool :p
    I personally want to a mall and put on a Ghost mask, I add my sunglasses and made the ClevverTV VV sign super power… and the guys makin an animation right next to us was laughin his heart off.. it was like so funny.. might send you a pic of my super cute scary pose Lol…
    Then what else but a good party to finish;= amazing halloween

  2. Joslyn says:

    You should totally rock that costume!

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