HELP MY DAD WIN the TIAA Difference Maker!


A lot of you guys have gotten to “know” my family over the years, thanks to this blog and my social meeds! But this post is extra-spesh because I’m giving you a unique intro to my dad.

So here we go.

MEET PHIL. Ya know, my dad. For the last nearly 40 years, he’s he’s dedicated his career to thousands of students in my hometown of Downey, California, guided by the belief that ALL kids deserve the right to a superior educational experience.

First he was a music/band/choir teacher. This was way back in the 1900’s. The 1980’s to be exact.

Then the journey continued, he became an assistant principal, a principal, flashforward and now he heads up a variety of things but probably, IMO, his most notable achievement is being at the forefront of California’s incredible STEAM program. STEAM gives kids the chance to learn about science, technology, art, engineering…GUYS these kids are coding when they’re like 5 years old and even building airplanes (I’m not exaggerating). They’re basically being giving the opportunity to morph into the genius humans our world really needs.

While my dad and his team have been recognized a ton for educational innovation and for growing incredible programs for students, I think their most important achievement has been empowering the next generation to be CREATIVE, to think beyond what they know and teach them to think about themselves & their passions. And they’re really just beginning and at the end of the day, they probably more than many people out there need resources. Guys…let me clue you in here…resources is just a fancy way of saying they need MONEY. It’s not everything but it’s something. Something that will help them reach their goals and help them invest in our students.


That’s why I’m recommending my dad and his Downey STEAM team for the @TIAA #DiffereceMaker100. TIAA will award 100 ‘difference makers’ with $10,000 each towards their non-profit. I want to encourage you all – if you know someone who you think should be included, check out THIS LINK to eter! But also, like, my dad should win right?!?!


PS: This blog post is sponsored by TIAA All thoughts expressed are my own.

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