High-5’s With Minka Kelly and Yours Truly

For my first post of the new year (happy 2011 by the way), I thought I’d take it upon my self to say…”I told you so!” Remember waaaaaaay back when I first launched my blog? Well, one of my first posts was all about the power of a high-5, and would you believe it, I might have actually been right about something for once! A few weeks ago I sat down with Minka Kelly to chat about her new movie “The Roommate” for a show on Teen.com, and yes, Esquire’s sexiest woman alive agrees with moi. In fact, she’s sort of an expert.

Here’s the link – you have to check it out! She teaches me the ins and outs of a perfect high-5! Test her tactics out and let me know what you think!

PS: Go see “The Roommate.” It’s highly creepy and really scary. You might need your mom to go with you hold your hand…

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    Ahah The big 1st post of 2011, Even I already told U so Happy new Year all the best and success.
    Yeah the power of High Five is terrific ^^
    Love the interview and the one with Leighton Meester (I’m kinda a big fan of her) The movie seems pretty scarry but I’ll go see it.. for sure
    Chris the one and Only

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