High Tea at Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills – DIVINE!

At the start of 2013, I made a fun personal goal for the year. After ringing in the new year in Rome, I decided that I wanted to try a ton of new things I’d been wanting to try and/or had been scared to try in years past. No more waiting; NOW was the time.

Slowly yet surely, I’m racking things off the list: hot yoga, seeing Lady Gaga live in concert with my own LG expert Misty Kingma, doing a Google+ live hangout (yes, work related but still cool), and, well, the check marks just keep coming. Thankfully, I have adventurous-spirited friends who are all about life experiences, too.

This leads me to the most lady-like experience I’ve ever had…high tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills (imagine me saying this in a British accent please). After throwing around the idea of channeling our inner Princess Katherine’s at work one day, my dear friends Miriam Isa and Dana Ward, and I made the plunge and decided that the Peninsula would be the locale. Why? Well, for one, it’s gorgeous and super bourge-festy. The food and tea assortment sounded delightful. But, most importantly we went with the Peninsula because…wait for it…they have a LIVE HARPIST. Peace be to my soul. It was heavenly.

So, we donned our best tea party outfits, which obviously included pearls, florals, lace, polka dots, and the tiniest of hats, and we sat down (ankles crossed) for what was 150% worth the price. We also took it to the next level and ordered champagne, because when God sends you friends on this caliber, there’s always something to toast to!

I highly suggest trying the Peninsula in Beverly Hills, although there are several other lovely hotels with high tea in the LA area. If you do make a lady date for this memorable experience, I suggest going all out. Leave your denim and leather at home, and embrace your pretty princess. Normally, I find this idea gag-tastic, but when it comes to really having a life experiences I’m always game!









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2 Responses to “High Tea at Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills – DIVINE!”

  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    OMG one word Beautiful.. The place looks seriously amazing.. Would love to go to a place like That plus live harpist.. Where is paradise again.. And Yes Tea I mean Tea with those pastry (macaron … oh yum)
    You girls were beautiful too jsyk;)

  2. Joslyn says:

    I bet that there is amazing high tea in France….

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