Holidays 2012 – Where in the World is Joslyn Davis is BACK!

Get excited friends, because I know I am! My “Where in the World is Joslyn Davis” blogging series is about to make a big return. A lot of you guys joined in on the fun when I went to Paris and the UK a few years ago, and a bunch of times since then on more domestic vacays. Since then, I haven’t been on a HUGE trip, but I’m getting ready to head out on a bigtime adventure.

I’m pulling my old head-band and sunglasses out of the archives and getting ready to have some fun halfway across the globe. As usual, I will be doing a giveaway for each blog posting and I’d love you all to join in!

So grab your map and join me on holiday!

As usual, here are the guidelines and the general info:  In each new place that I go, I will take a ‘Where’s Joslyn’ photo. I will always be wearing the exact same  sunglasses and headband as pictured below, but I’ll purposely mix myself into a big crowd. THE FIRST PERSON to locate me in each different photo by #1: describing exactly where I am and who I’m standing next to AND #2: Also note where in the world I am, including the name of the particular place, I will send you a prize when I return! Keep an eye out on my twitter and facebook pages for news on this fun ‘Where’s Joslyn’ Extravaganza!!!! Here’s what I’ll be wearing! Will I see the Mona Lisa? Or the Taj Majal? Or neither? Hmmm….Take your guesses here, but the activities will kick off sometime this weekend!



BONUS: I’ll also be shooting video tours of each location I take a photo in so stay posted to my YouTube channel!


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