Don’t know if you caught the oh-so slight (okay, super extreme) excitement in my post title…but yeah, I kinda love New York. Also, for the record, AMAZE-BALLS is my new favorite adjective (shout out to Tiya Sircar on this one).

I’m in NYC, or Park Slope, Brooklyn actually at this very moment spending time with one of my besties and I’ll also be doing some work stuff, too. This AM I kicked off my trip by heading out into the arctic blast of Brooklyn to grab coffee at Gyllenswift’s local hang-out, Gorilla Coffee; and yes, the Maple Latte Swifty ordered is totally worth the hype. Anywho, over the next few days, I’ll post a few blogs about my trip. I always love coming to this city during the holidays…fingers crossed that I see Buddy the Elf.

I’m SO excited to head over to Goom Radio tonight to hang with Zach Sang! What a cool guy and I LOVE his show – hopefully I snap a few pics for you guys to check out.

A few of my must-stops every time I’m in Manhattan:

1.Pastis – good food, great people watching, and for some reason I feel super-cool when I go there.

2. The H&M on 5th Ave – It’s like a shopping mecca of insanity. Think H&M on steroids – 3 stories tall. INSANE.

3. Central Park – Even if you just cut through the park for a few minutes, it’s so beautiful. I also suggest hitting the ice skating rink.

Here’s a fun pic from the archives – So many fun memories from working (and playing in New York).

Question: What’s your fav spot in NYC? Let me know and maybe I’ll stop by!!!!

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2 Responses to “Holy AMAZE-BALLS – I LOVE NY!”

  1. Lauren says:

    I was gonna say H&M fo sho, all the movie/TV spots- Gray’s Papaya Hot Dogs like in Fools Rush In, have a lazy sunday and hit up Magnolia Bakery to mack on some cupcakes, Serendipity 3 for some ice cream sundaes, oh and you have to get coffee from a street vendor in one of those little blue cups you always see on TV! Take a pic if you find one!

  2. Joslyn says:

    omg – I haven’t been to Serendipity in FOREVER. And the coffee is always a must…photos to come soon!

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