Hot Yoga Sweat Fest – 2013 Year of FIRSTS!

A few days ago, I was nearly blinded by my own sweat. Yes, really gross and totally TMI (too much information), but I have absolutely never sweat on this volume level in my entire life. What makes this situation weird is that I paid to participate in this sweat-fest. And what’s even weirder is that I kinda liked it…a lot. Ah yes, in what I’ve already proclaimed will be a year of “firsts,” I did something I’ve been too freaked out by in pre-2013: HOT YOGA.



I was very nervous about trying this workout, primarily because my sister (who is very fit) vomited for 24 hours straight the first time she did Bikram yoga. Again, TMI, but this example legitimizes my fear. At any rate, I conjured up my courage, called a few different yoga studios, and ultimately decided to do hot yoga, instead of Bikram, because, in a nutshell, hot yoga just sounded more fun. From what I understand, the Bikram practice requires you to hold poses for long amounts of time. I get bored too easily, so I opted out.


How to prep for hot yoga:

  1. Drink ridiculous amounts of water.
  2. Don’t eat 2 hours before your yoga session.
  3. Wear sweat absorbing clothing.
  4. Don’t wear perfume.


Shout-out to my awesome teacher Simon at Purple Yoga in Long Beach, CA. I really think the teacher makes or breaks the experience and he was great! I still feel amazing and refreshed, and despite the crazy level at which I was exercising, I never once felt faint or sick.

I suggest you do a few things after completing hot yoga.

  1. Drink more water. Ridiculous amounts.
  2. Don’t touch anyone. You’re a disgusting, sweaty mess.
  3. Take a shower.
  4. Sanitize your yoga mat.
  5. Sign up for more classes!

If you live in the LA area, check out Purple Yoga. When you’re done with your class, grab a greenie bowl at Nekter (I’m unhealthily/healthily obsessed).



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