I Have Problems!

Ok, I’ll admit it, that title might be slightly dramatic, but seriously dudes, I have problems. A few nights ago, I went to the best concert of my entire life (not an overstatement), when I had the awesome opportunity to go see Muse with some of my favorite people ever. You may have heard me rave about these lovely individuals – The Boudoir Divas. At any rate, I went with a big group, including a real life rock star in the making, Weston Boucher, who is an awesome band called Spero Lumina (more coming on them in an upcoming post).

Clearly, none of this info sounds problematic. In fact, I’m still on cloud nine from the Muse show. The drummer basically made my night – I swear that he was cheesin’ out (aka smiling really big) the entire time, like he was a 5 year old at Disneyland. His smile made me smile (haha – I almost just quoted a Justin Bieber song).

So here’s the problem. While we were waiting in the parking lot after the show, my pals decided to show me a youtube video I’ve never seen before, which is odd since I’m obsessed with Youtube. It’s called “Double Rainbow,” and I almost peed my pants watching it. Immediately following this viewing session, they said “omg – you’ve gotta watch the autotuned version.” Again, almost had an accident (TMI – sorry) in the back of my friends truck. Now my problemo is that I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THIS VIDEO. So bright…so vivid…

Guys, I need your help. Let me know if I’m the only crazy out there who is nerding out to the millionth degree over the double rainbow. Here are both links – so please watch and then comment back!!! You WON’T regret it. Thanks guys – smell ya later!

Quick side note: Make sure the audio is turned up – that’s the best part!



A pic from the show, courtesy of Kimberlee West’s iphone:)

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5 Responses to “I Have Problems!”

  1. @Kute_Kool_Kat says:

    Thts sooo cool!
    and also pretty funny xD
    thanks for links Joslyn!

  2. Vcraze says:

    I’ve seen both videos it’s so funny everytime I see a rainbow I say “So bright, so vivid, also double rainbow all da way!”

  3. Brian D. says:

    Ummm yeah i was a little scared at first but yeah my sides hurt from laughing so much thanks for reminding me of the video. Not sure if you saw this website but I just found it after looking at the book at my store,, holy crap I only wish I could meet some of these people. 🙂

  4. Erin Sanders says:

    We went to the Muse concert too!! Love them! … also, if you are truly a youtube fanatic…you should start watching “Attack of the Show” on the G4 channel. Hilarious! They did a whole episode on the Double Rainbow 🙂

  5. Hey Jos’ thanks so much for the Spero Lumina shout out! You’re the best! Much love and can’t wait for us to all hang out again soon. 🙂

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