I Was the Original Hangover Baby!

I just got word, thanks to my totally rad parents, that I was the original “Hangover” baby! Okay, so maybe that’s actually not true, but I don’t like to get caught up in silly, unnecessary details. Seriously though, can we please talk about how completely ridiculous these photos are? I was such hard-core baby. I must’ve gotten all of partying out way back when. I mean, look at us, we’re like the 3 musketeers, ready to jam out at Skate Depot or something weird like that.

Also, can I please give a shout-out to my parents and their matching perms? This must be where I get my killer style and rocking hair! Hot, right????

Honestly, I just wanted to share these photos because I think they’re so funny and I swear, my parents are still this cool…they just have different glasses and hair-styles.

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4 Responses to “I Was the Original Hangover Baby!”

  1. Joslyn says:

    LOL – love you too!!!!!!! Living vicariously through all of your ridiculously amazing travels. Can you say OMG. I mean, come on…amazing.

  2. chrisMusic88 says:

    ahaha seriously cool pics.. old style yeah when we think about that… we got awesome style ^^ and well the glasses makes it all.. total Swag for Disco party ^^ btw you’re a cute baby 😉

  3. Joslyn says:

    thanks Chris!

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