I’ve Always Wanted To…

Holy crap, I just found out that there’s website/blog by the name of  I Always Wanted to Be A Tenenbaum (!!!

Are you still reading? Okay, well if you are, you’ve just realized that A) I’m substantially weirder than you already thought and are immediately unfollowing my posts OR B) you totally connect with this strange obsession and will read every posting from here til eternity.

I mean, WHY DIDN’T I START THIS BLOG (yes, this situation necessitates all caps)?!?!?!? Years ago, when my BFF’s I first saw this film, we became so enchanted (okay translation, psychotically obsessed) that we filmed our own version of the movie…I pray on a daily basis that the  tape was lost in the archives.

In all sincerity though, how could you not be just utterly moved by this movie? Yes, I have a flair for exaggeration, but I do love Chaz and Margot and all the other Tenenbaums. Don’t you???

Also, anyone looking to buy me the perfect Christmas gift, please see the impeccable cross stitch below for inspiration. Thanks and goodbye.


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  1. K. West says:

    This homemade R.T. video of which you speak… it was NOT lost… It is currently in my possession… all old videos are going to be converted to digital very soon. I am proposing that you please post it on this blog someday.

  2. Joslyn says:

    SHUT UP! OMG. Please post on YouTube private for our viewing pleasure. Then perhaps we can share with the world!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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