Jurassic Falls Helicopter Tour – Kauai, Hawaii


HOLY SHIZZZZ – do you see that rainbow?

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. A wise person once said that (not me), but I definitely agree. And that brings me to this posting, and HANDS-DOWN the most memorable thing I’ve ever experienced in nature. My adventurous family and I spent the holidays in Kauai, which in my humble opinion, is the most magical of the Hawaiian islands (of the ones I’ve visited). By comparison to anywhere else I’ve ever traveled, huge chunks of this island are completely untouched.

Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I pretty much forced my family to partake in the Jurassic Falls helicopter tour from Island Helicopter Tours, which is the only tour that allows poeple to land, hike into the falls and spend time taking it all in. And…as I’m sure you’ve deduced, Jurassic Park, the movie, was shot at the falls and throughout the island. Real talk here, I was irrationally hoping to see a t-rex run past. Alas, that did not occur, but truth be told, I still can’t really explain just how incredibly powerful and beautiful the experience was. I can however say that it was absolutely worth it. FYI – my mom and sister were crying, so there’s that!

Kauai is known for having “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon. It’s breathtaking and completely green. We flew over the entire island, which also included the Napali coast (another Kauai must-see that’s only accessible by air or water).

Our pilot was AWESOME, and gave us an insider’s play by play as we flew through the valleys and over the peaks of the island.

PS: Shout-out to Wetseal for my LET’S GET CRAY shirt. Our pilot actually complimented me on my cool look.


Mom & Dad.

Up, up and away.

 Can you tell I’m excited?

Back seat with bro & sis.

Helicopter landing at Jurassic Falls.

Like father, like daughter.

River running through Jurassic Falls landing locale.

 Uh. WOW.

Chatting it up with the coolest heli-pilot ever.

Parents making out constantly.




Hiking out of Jurassic Falls.

Never wanted to leave.

 SO distracted.

Wouldn’t you be, too?

Quintessential family + heli shot.

 Napali Coast.

Is this real life?

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