Loveland, Colorado: Sculpture Capital of the Universe

I just returned from a glorious weekend in Colorado. Crazy enough, it was my first real visit to the state, although I’ve been in the airport more times than I can count (how I love connecting flights…not). My oldest friend just moved to a town outside of Denver called Loveland, which is known as the “sweetheart town.” Adorbsies, right? As the name would suggest, yes, the town is quite lovely. Something I was slightly surprised by as we pulled into the suburban neighboorhood my friend lives in, was the plethora (no exaggeration here) of sculptures. Yes people, I’m talking sculptures GALORE, as in a sculpture on every corner. But they weren’t like the weird ones in my parents neighborhood featuring creepy children and trolls. It was odd, but I definitely liked it. It wasn’t until the next day that my friend randomly proclaimed to me that the town is known as a sculpture-filled community, that everything clicked.

That day, we headed out to explore the sculpture park. Needless to say, I was obsessed, as I’m sure you’ll deduce from my overjoyed and slightly immature photos. If you’re in or around Loveland this coming weekend, stop in for the Loveland Sculpture Invitational, which FYI is the largest outdoor sculpture show in the USA – WOW!


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  1. Wow your pictures are very nice, I can see that it was a sunny day, and the sculpture garden looks really cool, I believe you enjoy the garden, the second picture is really funny but I think is my favorite, ia nice go somewhere and be happy to be there right.

    I´m mexican and I think one day I will go there.

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