Matchy Matchy: Make-up Monday

I’m not always an advocate of doing the whole matchy-matchy thing with make-up and clothing, unless it actually makes sense and works. For example, a light blue dress might not mean powder blue eye shadow is the best idea. However, in general, purple and plum colors seems to work really well for brown-eyed peeps like myself (or so the pros tell me), so I thought that it would be really fun to play up the color of my dress with my make-up. I love MAC eye shadows, and I primarily use them, especially for on-camera stuff, because they stays on far better than any other brand I’ve ever tried. More importantly, I went for comfort and wore my huge hooded puffer jacket and rain boots when I arrived on the AMA carpet. It was a ton of fun and I loved the funky purple shadow. So…in this case is say matchy-matchy was a do!





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