Me: “Nicki Minaj, Will You Be My BFF?”

I am SO obsessed with Nicki Minaj right now…cannot handle it. I’m semi inspired to become a rapper now. Don’t worry, I won’t actually do it. Mostly, because that would a heinous attack on any listening ears, and who am I kidding? I mean, NO ONE wants to hear me rap. Either way, I just love how this is hard-core about her work, but is clearly so silly! I think girls need to have more fun these days instead of constantly feeling like they have to be totally put together – can I get an AMEN?

Since I’m particularly insane, I decided to “Minaj myself.”  Normal? I think not. But I sorta love this pic!

Here’s N-M’s vid for “Super Bass.” I seriously cannot stop laughing (ok and rapping) when I see it!

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

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