Mid-Day Clubbing Workout – FLIGHT!


I’m always game to try anything new, and I especially love trying new crazy workouts! I was super stoked to basically straight-up go clubbing at Exchange LA in the middle of the day on Saturday with my girls Misty and Erin to test out a hot new workout called FLIGHT. It’s a mixture of super-fast-paced yoga, sculpting, and straight-up dancing.

Imagine getting the workout you get from a night or day full of dancing in a club (strobe lights and all), minus any alcohol AND minus being bothered by a bunch of drunk people. It’s pretty freaking rad, and to be honest, I was almost blinded by sweat. 

The teacher AKA our FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR, Sydney Benner, was amaze-fest USA! And fun fact, I realized that recognized her from back when I used to take Cardio Barre with her in Hollywood. For the record, I think Flight is WAY, WAY better (better workout, more entertaining, overall cooler experience).

As a massive bonus, the class featured a live DJ spinning custom music. Rad, right?

MISTY & I showing off our new muscles before I passed out. 


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What Exchange LA looks like at night. Basically the same thing as during FLIGHT. Cool, right? 





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