Monaco: 5 Do’s For the South of France’s Must-See Destination


If you’re ever remotely near the South of France, as in, if you’re in the country period, you need to visit Monaco. I just went to France for a magical girls trip with my mom and sister, marking my fourth time visiting Paris. I don’t write that in a bratty OMG-look-at-me-I-am-in-Paris-like-everyday-kinda-way.  What I’m saying is that I’ve been (relatively) SO close so many times and have never ventured into the fairy-land that is Monaco. And disclaimer here, those who know me well, know that I’m not that girl who’s into fairy-tales and the whole princess thing, but guys, I dare you to go to Monaco and not feel like you’re living in a surreal fantasy land. It’s straight-up out of this world. It’s a PRINCIPALITY. The word prince is basically in that word, which by default will make your experience a dream.

Truthfully, I’m not sure how to describe Monaco, so instead, I’ll just list off my do’s.

1. Do Drive: I suggest driving into Monaco. We were staying in Nice, France which is probably about 30 minutes away. By LA standards, that’s like a trip to the grocery store. I encourage you to drive (if you’re not planning on drinking too much) because taxis are not as common place as you’d imagine and also because parking in Monaco is a dream. I’m not joking. There’s legit parking, like, everywhere. Again, it’s like an LA person’s dream come true. I parked in a structure that was across the street from the Monte Carlo. It took no time. The structure accepted credit cards. What more do I say? It was fan-freaking-tastic. If you do take a taxi, set it up with your hotel and then grab your return taxi near the famed Hotel de Paris.

2. Do Eat at the Cafe de Paris: If you adore people watching, then this restaurant will be pure bliss. The Cafe de Paris is adjacent to the Monte Carlo and, as you’d imagine, is packed with people from all around the world, all of whom seem to be someone. Some of them are dripping in diamonds and fresh off their yacht (which is proabably parked right behind the Monte Carlo). Others are high-rollers at the casino, smoking cigars, and having what seem to be very important conversations. And a handful look like they belong on the cast of Gossip Girl. Regardless, they are all fascinating to watch, and if I’m being honest, evesdrop on…yes, Imm guilty. For the record, the food, drinks, and service were phenomenal. Save room for dessert.

3. Do Go Into the Monte Carlo: Guys, it’s the casino that inspired all of Las Vegas. In fact, if we’re doing a comparison, let’s say Monte Carlo is a mansion and all of Vegas is my apartment. There you go. If you want to actually gamble, you have to pay some sort of fee (around 40/50 euros), but we just went in to check it out for no fee.

4. Do Walk Around: I suggest arriving around sunset, right before dinner (which in France during the summer is VERY late…I’d say around 8 or 9PM), to take a walk to 1.) have a look at the marina (packed with yachts), 2.) see the craziest luxury cars in the world, 3.) check out the castle in the distance, and most importantly 4.) do more people watching (duh). If you have more time, check out the Hotel de Paris and the surrounding shops. This area makes Rodeo Drive look like…well, my apartment. HA!

5. Do Stay Out Late: During the summer months, special performers come to Monaco to put on concerts. No joke, Kevin Costner was there the night we were, as was some other band I’m not familiar with…gotta say, it was so fun watching all these people from all over the world of all ages converge on the street in front of the Monte Carlo to show off some rad dance moves.

***This experience was so surreal. I felt like I was a Bond girl or something. When I went to the ladies room at dinner, I almost wanted to sneak into the kitchen and start chasing someone or scale the walls of the building…oh, and also, my imagination is over-active.

LONG STORY SHORT: When in France, go to Monaco, put on a pretty outfit and enjoy a lovely time. YOLO people, YOLO. Yes, I’m using that term like 4 years late.






 Channeling Charlie’s Angel’s in Elevator 


Why not?


 Marina in Monaco 


 Night Concert in Monaco




 Marina in Monaco 


 Backside of Hotel de Paris 


 Hotel de Paris 

(and Ali) 




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