Moroccan Nights & Belly-Dancing BABES!

There is nothing, and I mean abso-freaking-lutely NOTHING I love more than a really good themed-party! After all, there was a legitimate reason that planning dances in high school was basically my favorite thing of all time. Alas, I think I might get arrested for trying attend a high school dance at this point in my life, but, thank GOD, my friends love themed events as much as I do. For my pal Dana Ward’s recent birthday, our friend Tatiana threw down hardcore style and planned the Moroccan party every girl dreams of (all girls dream of this right? Or is it just us?). I’m talking a private room, complete with elegant pillow puffs to sit on, authentic cuisine, fun accessories, temporary henna tattoos, and hello…I haven’t even mentioned the BELLY DANCING!


Planning a themed event is such a great way to go for a special occasion, especially for those fun girls nights. Everyone can get into the excitement and sometimes (this case included), it can be quite educational…our belly dancing moves are pretty much on point now. The only thing better than a theme party is a theme party that is also a surprise party, which is exactly what Dana’s Moroccan affair was!


If you live in or nearby the LA area, I highly suggest checking out Marrakesh in Studio City. We had a BLAST! The photos are evidence enough…

SIDENOTE: I’d like to point out that the party-planner here, Tatiana, planned another Lil Wayne themed birthday not too long ago that was featured on my blog. It was transcendent. This girl has a gift.

 Room at Marrakesh

 Tatiana Setting Up the Extravaganza 


***FYI – this was a surprise party

 Dana’s Special Accessories

***The “Magic Lamp” – We all wrote wishes for Dana and put them inside

 Belly Dancing Time 

***She was SO nice and very helpful!

Belly Dancing Babes Posing in Special Scarves 


 Dinner & Drinks


Fake Henna Tats


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