Moroccan Oil Obsession


My sister Ali and I both have pretty wild hair, and recently we each discovered, and immediately became obsessed with MoroccanOil. Ali loves the actual oil, which tames her super-curly hair, and I love the hair masque, which is a great treat for my hair after all the non-stop drama I put it through at work.

But…WHO KNEW MOROCCANOIL MADE OTHER PRODUCTS??? Yes, all caps are necessary here. Very necessary.  First off, MoroccanOil products are hyper-moisturizing, which is sometime I can’t get enough of, and secondly, have you smelled this stuff? Let’s get real here. I actually want to eat this stuff. Don’t judge me. It smells that good.

Imagine my joy when I discovered the brand’s ridiculously amazing dry body oil, cleansing bar and hand cream. I’m in heaven. The body oil is dry, meaning it doesn’t leave you with an oil slick covering your skin for hours on end. It actually soaks into your skin and leaves you looking like a Miss USA contestant (okay that’s a stretch, but you get me).

A little birdie also told me that a fragrance could be in the works…who’s excited???


You can peep these products HERE.





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