My New ‘Sickness,’ and Other Recent Ramblings

For some odd reason, I thought that when I started this blog, I’d find some sort of “voice,” for it…as in some sort of cohesive direction or game plan. Well, that’s hilarious right? Ha! Clearly, and not too surprisingly, the whole ‘voice-finding’ thing has not happened. That said, this posting is perhaps even more random than the norm. First up, I should warn you. Last night, for St. Patrick’s Day, I achieved the goal of a lifetime (one that I didn’t even know I had) and was certified in Indoor Skydiving. I’m basically a professional now. Actually, not so much, it was really, really fun, but I think I should forewarn that my brain might be more full of air than usual. 

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, I want to share a few fun pictures from some of my recent travels. A few weeks ago, I went up north for some work and play (a different posting on that coming soon), and I must say, it’s absolutely beautiful in the SF Bay Area. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a So-Cal girl all-the-way. Even so, I sorta love the whole organic, smarty-pants, tech-savvy thing those Nor-Cal-ers have going on. Here’s a pic from a cool spot in Berkeley just as the sun was setting…glorious.

Here’s another awesome shot from that same day – taken at Stanford. Seriously, I think I got smarter just walking around there. Okay, that’s a lie, but I did get a really sweet shrit that I wore on the show!

As a fun side bonus in the recent ramblings, I thought I’d also include a photo of myself and my partner in crime, D-DUB. This was taken at our Christmas party, and since several months have passed, I’ve decided that this exact moment is the perfect opportunity to unleash this framer.

Now, on to my current “sickness,” which has inhabited my body via the same portals as the Bieber fever. Ah yes, I must inform you all that I do, in fact, have a serious case of the Black Plague. As in, I am so obsessed with Rebecca Black and her kick-butt track “Friday,” that I have literally watched it over fifty times. We did a little video about her fun fun fun song on ClevverTV, and as I’m writing this, it has…wait for it…wait for it…810,000 views. I don’t even know what to say or do about this compelling wildness. However, I will tell you all that I (along with my Nancy-Drew-like co-workers) have been tirelessly sleuthing in attempt to track down an interview with R-B. If you have some deets, hook a sista up! If you have no clue who Rebecca Black is, stop reading this, and watch her video right now. No, seriously, watch it like right NOW!

Now that I’ve shared this life changing information, I will bid you adieu. After all, it’s Friday, Friday, Friday. Fun fun fun fun fun. FYI, I always choose the middle seat in the back – I like to be all up in the action. The end.

Memo: A special out to the following people for making this post possible. Bridget Daly and Chelsea Cannell for keeping my RB passion alive -Thank you. Dana Ward for inspiring my on-going insanity. WD for the Nor-Cal good times.

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    Ahah I love the randomness of this post… seriously. Here in Scotland St Paddys’ was Crazy fun & awesome!!! but hard at Uni this morning -_-‘
    1st way cool for ur indoor skydiving certificate.. I’d love to try that someday..
    2nd the pictures of Stanford & SF bay are amazing.. I’d love to travel to the US and more specifically in California… This is kinda my big dream to go to Hollywood and L.A. truly! And come meet u girls of course 😉
    Finally, whaou I love the pic of Dana & Yourself at ur Xmas party. U both are absolutely Gorgeous 🙂
    Little PS: I personally don’t get into the Friday video of Rebecca Black, but I don’t hate her like some on twitter.. That’s so not right. Even if they don’t like the song. I’m completely against this threats and bullying as I was and still am a victim myself (in total honesty)
    Xoxo girl
    HAve an awesome WE

  2. Veronica says:

    I love random posts! I myself, have the same problem about not finding a voice for my tumblr posts. It’s great that you got certified in Indoor Skydiving!! I have always wanted to skydive but I’m too much of a chicken! lol. Where I live in AZ whenever I look out my back door I see people floating down after sky diving. I really hope I do sky dive someday. The pictures from SF are beautiful!
    As for the Black Plague-catchy name-I don’t hate the song but I got tired of hearing it a couple of times.

  3. Joslyn says:

    Thanks Veronica and Chris! V – so funny about the skydivers by your house…I never even imagined that…but it does completely make sense….haha

  4. Wesley says:


  5. Joslyn says:


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