My OWN Prom – Flashback

So that my friends is the photo-op that inspired this posting…it’s my big crowning moment at the “Prom” Movie Junket. Disney set it up to give us press people something fun to do while we were hanging out…Over the past few months, I have been in a complete PROM haze. Between doing tons of prom-related fashion coverage, and reporting on Disney’s upcoming feature-film “Prom,” I just couldn’t help myself from flashing back to my own prom experience. I had so much fun at the prom! Somehow I got lucky enough to go to three proms, and I had a blast at all of them. I look border-line ridiculous in most of these photos, but hey, you live and learn I guess.

Ok, so here’s a picture of me and two of my best friends  (to this day) at their senior prom. I was a junior, but I somehow was able to get a date! Plus, and this was the best moment of the night, one of my besties (Jaime – in the middle) was Prom Queen – OMG! As for the girl on the left, Jenn, well, we actually hung out and bonded while hiding in a bathroom at a prom after party together the previous year (long story). Seriously though, did I really need to have a completely backless dress? Who did I think I was? Weird…

Then the following year I went to my own Prom, which was at an Aquarium, so there were fish tanks all over the place. Sounds semi-creepy, but it was actually really cool! These are the only two photos I could locate, and as you’ll see, in the first photo I covered the faces of two people who may want their identities protected (or maybe not? haha). The second photo is so fun – check out my old friend Nicole rocking some seriously fun hair in the background! She has since gone on to become a super big-time stylist – check out her site. And in a funny twist, the guy in the second photo…well, his mom owned a dress shop and her team actually made my prom dress one year. Small world. As far as dress number 2 (below), I still have it, and no joke, I wore it recently. I could barely breathe, but I wore it nonethless!

Sidenote: Check out my sweet french manicure and white eye shadow – wow…so “natural” looking…

So now I want the details on your prom experiences! What are the do’s and don’ts?

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  1. chrisMusic88 says:

    Oh my gosh that’s way cool.. 3 proms.. lucky you. Unfortunately don’t get my prom yet. Mine is at the end of June for graduations.. gonna be Epic.. Feel for the short not too long style.. got to stand out and try smthg new instead of the formal look!!
    Love the part when you said long story.. ahah make us want to know more about it ahaha ^^
    Love the pic.. kinda prefer the dress you wore at ur own prom even if don’t get to see the all first one. Really beautiful on both 😉
    Have an awesome WE

  2. Dana Ward says:

    Joslyn – you are the total prom queen – I love it!!!

  3. You’ll appreciate this one….Our senior year, Roman came up here to MT & he went with me! LOL It was classic!

  4. Joslyn says:

    SHUT UP! From Brethren? That is so random – haha – are you guys related or something? I can’t remember….xo

  5. Joslyn says:

    No, you are!!!!

  6. Joslyn says:

    haha – how fun that yours is coming up!!!! Can’t wait to see pics! xo

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