Mykonos, Greece: Photos & TIPS

My trip to Greece last summer haunts me (in a good way). There are just a few of the photos from the Mykonos portion of my trip. Mykonos is known for it’s high winds and wild parties! We stayed at Ostraco Suites. I loved and highly recommend it. Excellent service and a wonderful location.


1. Rent a car or a scooter or (if you’re like me and they won’t trust you with a scooter) a 4-wheeler. Mykonos is a big island and you’ll want to explore and beach hop. Also keep in mind, there are very, very few taxis on the island, so if you take one to a remote location, I promise you will have trouble getting back.

2. Have at least one meal in a small town somewhere off the beaten path. You’ll get the real, family-vibe experience. And…the food…don’t even get me started. It’s amazing. I would order like 4 drinks at every meal: wine, water, Coke Light and a frappe (coffee from heaven). I became Facebook friends with my waiter at one restaurant. He was hilarious. You could say we’re besties. Check out the pics below of his family’s restaurant. Yes, the tree growing through the building of patio is real…been there since, well, since forever.

3. Check out the windmills. They’re so cool and were known to provide power for the whole island back in the day…maybe they still do, I’m not sure.

4. Keep your eyes out for the small chapels with blue doors. Well, you won’t need to keep your eyes out because they are EVERYWHERE. Apparently, each family or each property had it’s own small church in years gone by. They are really beautiful.

5. Beach hop. I know I mentioned that above, but it’s a MUST. There are so many types of beaches on Mykonos. Some have whole Vegas-cabana thing happening, others are uber-posh and some are completely empty. At one point a man approached us to sell us a donut and a beer. It was magical.

SIDENOTE: If you’re one of those people who refuses to swim in the ocean…get over it! YOLO! Also, be prepared for lots of nakey-nakey action on those Grecian beaches…ha!












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