Mystery Surprise Vacation – Where Am I Going? HELP!

Today I’m leaving on my annual MYSTERY SURPRISE GIRL’S TRIP (aggressive all caps necessary)! What is that you might ask? Well, I’ve blogged about this yearly girls adventure in the past, but in case you missed the memo on this stellar travel idea…here is the back-story and the details…

A few years ago I read an article in Real Simple magazine about this group of girlfriends who made a pact to go on one annual trip, which sounds pretty normal and fun, right? But, this gal-pal getaway had a few important and unique twists that caught my eye, leading my group of girlfriends and I to follow suit!

Here are the rules from the article:

1. One or two of the girls planned the entire trip completely solo.
2. Everyone on the trip contributed the same amount of money and gave the money to the planner/s. This meant that regardless of where each girl lived, she paid the same dollar-amount, making it financially fair and square.  The chances of the entire group attending became exponentially higher, and girls that lived farther away didn’t have to spend more, which, YES, always happens and isn’t so fabulous.
3. THE ENTIRE TRIP WAS  A COMPLETE AND TOTAL SURPRISE. And when. I say that the article called it a surprise trip, I actually mean it. From start to finish- location, flights, activities, food…everything was planned by the planners and was all unknown.

I’m leaving this morning and all I have to go on are these photo clues…I am so lost, it’s not even funny! FYI – we’re not going to Italy…think Domestic (USA). Diana Agron, Italy, a football and the Beatles. 






And I have this email from the ladies planning the trip with our packing list (read to the bottom to see a shout-out specifically to me…yes, I’m wildly irresponsible about jackets).


Hello lovely ladies!

below is a general idea to help with your packing list.
Weather can be anywhere from 50-70 at this location during the Fall.
Layers are suggested! you know i love a good scarf! remember its fall and this location will be feeling very fall-ish. (think leaves changing color and pumpkin lattes)
Packing List 
Casual House Wear
1 Going Out Outfit (not clubbing going out but like…you will be seen in public at night)
Exercise Outfit with Sneakers (this is optional if anyone wants to do a scenic morning walk)
2 Day Outfits (like what you would wear to brunch or walking around a farmers market)
A Warmer Jacket/Scarf
Comfy Shoes
and can someone please remind Joslyn to bring a jacket… 🙂
SO WHERE AM I GOING TODAY??? Any guesses? Help a sista out and comment below. A few guesses currently include: The Jersey Shore, Nashville (because of the boot of Italy…get it?), and Monaco (wishful thinking I’d say).
I’ll blog about the details next Friday. Until then, check out where we went last year HERE and the year before that HERE.
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