Nerding Out Over… Juice

Okay, sounds weird, but it’s true…I’m totally nerding out over JUICE! Yes, last year I asked good old Santa Claus for a juicer and he totally delivered. Since then I have become obsessed with figuring out what can and can’t be thrown into my handy-dandy Jack LaLanne Juicer (side note: bananas are slimy and disastrous – don’t do it). For the record, Jack LaLanne is like 800 years old and he’s still ripped like a maniac. Apparently he used to drink cows blood (gag me) for some odd reason. Flash forward a few decades and cows across the world are now safe, as Jackie-poo eventually ditched the blood for a more obvious choice, juice. Which leads me to the reason WHY I’m nerding out of this liquid craziness. Part of my job is to have  high energy all the time, and I finally came to terms with the fact that my own daily coffee intake could easily supply a small cafeteria. I can’t really cook, so I’ve moved on to juice. I’ll be the first to admit that it usually looks sort of gnarly, and honestly, this particular glass does actually taste sort of gross, but I keep telling myself it’ll turn me into the female version Popeye…

Here’s what is in it: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, grapefruit, mango, carrots, spinach. Do you have any good health tips you’re nerding out over? Hook a sister up in the comments section.

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