Netflix Confession Addiction

Recently at work, we had two of the stars of ABC Family’s hit show, Make It Or Break It, Cassie Scerbo and Josie Loren, stop in. I was already familiar with the show’s most recent episodes, but after chatting with the ladies of MIOBI, I began a spiral of total Netflix addiction. I cannot stop, its becoming a serious issue. I swear I’ve watched almost every episode. I love the show, because hello, it’s highly dramatic; however, I’m slightly devastated that I missed the boat on my new gymnastics obsession…yes, based on what I’ve learned from watching 20 eps in a row, it’s sort of a sport to start when you’re like, well, eight years old!

At any rate, the show is back this week so if you’re not watching, get with the picture! Here are a few pics of us in studio with Cassie and Josie!




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  1. Donovan says:

    I love this show too, Jos! I know I lose serious macho points for watching a show about a bunch of teen girls who are gymnasts, but I can’t help it. It’s a cool show!

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