New Adventure: Hiking With a Halston

I took this pic on Instagram, and yes, I’m obsessed with the site (@JoslynDavis in case you wanna peep my pics).

Being a native Californian, I’ve never really understood why so many people hate on us and our great state. I mean, I get it, in Los Angeles especially, there are a ton of cons – traffic, over-crowding, high prices, wild people, and pollution. Seriously though, if those angsty-CA-haters could take a beat and really actually think about their criticisms, and then spend an equal amount of time pondering the awesomeness that is the golden state, I think they’d change their minds instantly.

I took a recent jaunt to the central coast, and despite my status as a life-long Californian, this was my first visit to towns like Morrow Bay, SLO, Cambria, Los Osos, etc. Might I say, I was totally blown away by how beautiful and serene it was. Despite my better judgement, I took an impromptu hike, donning my Halston bag and all, and I couldn’t be happier. I double dare a CA-hater to watch this video and not feel jealous. Seriously, I double dare you. Go ahead…

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I have to warn you though, seeing natural beauty on this magnitude might ellicit an LMFAO Shufflin’ response. Here’s the evidence:

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Below – My mom’s best friends. No joke, I’m pretty sure she’d rather chill with all these seals than her human friends.

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