Not Buying ANY Clothes For a Year (Challenge ON!)

This will sound insanely challenging/way too extreme/plain impossible to some, and I’m sure that to others this will sound completely dumb/pointless/ridiculous/unnecessary and not difficult, but my sister Ali and I decided on May 1, 2014 that we would not buy ANY clothes, accessories, jewelry, purses, NOTHING for…an ENTIRE YEAR. Those of you who know and follow my sisters blog (CLICK HERE to checkie check it out), know that she’s obsessed with clothing-related challenges. Like, remember the time she wore the same black wrap-dress and styled it differently every day for 30 days in a row? Cuz yeah, that happened.

This no-shopping-for-a year-challenge came about as we were chatting one day in our apartment (side note: we live together). Truthfully, I’m very far from being a legit shopping addict, but even so, I was completely disgusted by the sheer amount of unnecessary stuff I had/have and the fact that I hardly use any of it. At work, we’re provided with awesome clothes to wear, and my own personal clothes are seldomly used. So, WHY do I keep buying stuff? Long story short, my sister felt the same way about her own consumerism. And that’s when she said to me, “Jos, what it we don’t buy anything for…” AND HERE’S WHERE I THOUGHT SHE’D SAY 1 MONTH, but instead she said “one year!” I’m very competitive with myself, so I quickly agreed.

I didn’t want to reveal this challenge until I knew I could do it and now that 4 months have successfully passed, I’m feeling very confident. I haven’t bought a single thing. No joke.

But I should be honest, there are a few passes:

1. We can buy something if there’s no way around it, but we have to get permission from the other person. For example, my sister  Ali got engaged, so obviously she has to buy a wedding dress. And on the same token, I have to buy a bridesmaids dress. DUH.

2. When we’re traveling, we’re allowed to make purchases…because let’s get serious, how often is one shopping in the south of France??? #YOLO

So far the challenge has been really, really fun. It’s forced me to go into my closet and really do some searching. For me, clothes carry so many memories, and I know that’s why I keep pretty much…everything (yes, part of the problem). I think that’s what I love about style. Similar to music, so many pieces have great stories. Like the top you wore on your first date with so-and-so (okay you might have burned that) or the bracelet your grandparents gave you for your 18th birthday. Wearing certain items make me feel happy. And that’s what perfectly describes I’m showing you today. A very close friend of mine just got married in Laguna Beach. It was an evening wedding, and I was stumped because I obviously knew I wouldn’t buy anything. Until I went WAY, WAY back in time, drove to my parents house and pulled out one of my formal dresses from college. I decided to wear it because it was still in great condition and also because I loved the fact that one of the last times I wore the dress was in college with the bride whose wedding I was attending! So now, not only do I have those fun college memories, I also have the memories of Sarah’s wedding, which = rad. See you guys…so full circle!

Do you think Ali and I are insane? Feel free to say yes! Or feel free to join us!

 Excuse us, we’re just really buys right now being grown-ups now at a black-tie wedding.  





The GORG bride.

Super model status. 



Too bad we were so boring. PS: the bride is all the way to the right, unfortunately blinking. LOL. And I was obviously planning on really sweating intensely, which is why I premeditated wearing a matching sweat-band.



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