Obsessed: Go Geek Chic This Fall

Nerds of the world, REJOICE, because this fall, the ball is in your court! I’ve become increasingly obsessed with what I like to think of as geek chic, and I think this photo from a recent shoot I did my friend and fashion guru, The Denim Guy, says it all. In fact I think this look is pretty easy to achieve. All you have to do is button up those shirts, tuck them in, loop in a belt and finish the outfit off with the must-have nerd accessory, black wide-rimmed glasses and you’re good to go! Plus, how cute is this geek chic guy in the shot with me??? I mean, seriously, if this is nerdville USA, I’m in!

To quickly recap the how-to when it comes to this look, here a few pieces that will quickly help you transform your look:

1. Anything plaid and polished (don’t think cowboy, think school uniform).

2. A good vest (always a good in-vest-ment – haha).

3. A cute headband.

4. Tights or some sort of feminine, conservative patterned nylons (I love polka dots).

5. Black wide-rimmed glasses.

6. A faux leather shoulder messenger bag.

7. Anything with a crest (soooo Harry Potter).

8. Pearls with a modern twist (try a different color).

9. Tailored denim (the ones I had on at the above shoot are by Seven – love ’em).

10. A bunch of books – if you’re gonna walk the Geek Chic walk, you gotta be able to talk the talk!

Make sure to check out the Denim Guy for all of your denim needs – he is a genius!

Also, I love how my girl Dana Ward adds some geek chic flair to her look with just the simple addition of her killer specs!

This is taking it a little to far…but I crush so hardcore on Harry Po…

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  1. Dilpreet says:

    OMG I love these photos. And gosh I can’t stop laughing at Justin Bieber in the back ground of that HP photo. lol Always wanting tha spotlight.

  2. Joslyn says:

    haha – I know – my fav part too!

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