Off the Clock in New Orleans & Eating Fried Alligator


Up until recently, the thought of New Orleans meant one of two things to me – partying at Mardi Gras or listening to Jazz. But, after my first visit to The Big Easy a few weeks ago, all I can think about is food. This might be because I was accompanied on the trip by a co-worker who loves food more than life (like, seriously, he loves food like…a lot), but more than that, I really think that the adventurous delicacies I sampled in NOLA remain my most vivid memories.

Traveling for work is still definitely work, but being that you have to eat, I think it’s always fun  (at the very least) to experience some sort of food-related adventure. And that, my friends, is exactly what my ClevverTV pals and I did whilst in New Orleans.

One thing I want to note here: it is legal to drink in public in New Orleans’ French Quarter. That said, it’s obviously essential that you grab a Hurricane to sip while you walk the balcony lined streets of the historic town. Also, on a semi-related note, I highly recommend you wear close-toed shoes at all times. This is not a place you want any part of your body touching the ground. Cool place, but some gnarly stuff happening…and who knows what’s in those puddles on the streets…


The French Quarter 


 Menu at a Restaurant in NOLA Suburbs – Locals Only Place

Blackened Alligator & Fried Alligator

***Blackened was definitely my favorite 

Buffalo Frogs Legs

***If you can get past the fact that these really, really look like frogs legs &

if you like buffalo sauce, you’ll love these! 


***Eating these is a true art…and one I’ve not mastered

 Jeffy – FOODIE extraordinnaire

 Lily Attempting to Eat Crawfish

Ben Successfully Eating Crawfish 


Lake Pontchartrain Causeway 

Shooting Intro for “Now You See Me”  in the Oldest VooDoo shop in NOLA

***Yes, this was creepy 


Interviewing the awesome Alexander Ludwig about Grown Ups 2



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